July 19, 2018

We hear from President of opposition party about Note Ban,GST,NPA, Nirav Modi etc in public rallys. I decided to gather information under one roof. After reading it I realized why it was compulsion for present NDA government to go for NoteBan? Why it faced sever cash crunch? December,2014 As per data available on RBI website following was the economic situation as on December,2014. It means when Dr.Manmohan Singh left as Prime Minister this was economic scenario. At end-December 2014, India’s total external debt stock was US$ 461.9 billion, recording an increase of US$ 15.5 billion (3.5 per cent) over the level at end-March 2014 (Table 1). Long-term external debt increased by 6.1 per cent to US$ 376.4 billion. As a proportion of total debt, long-term debt was 81.5 per cent. Short-term debt on the other hand recorded a decline of 6.7 per cent during the period and stood at US$ 85.6 billion at end December 2014. Short-term debt constituted 18.5 per cent of the total external debt at end-December 2014. Annex I and II present the quarter-wise Dis-aggregated data on value of external debt outstanding in terms of the Indian rupee and the US dollar, respectively. External Debt by Original Maturity Long-term debt at US$ 376.4 billion accounted for 81.5 per cent of the total external debt at end-December 2014. Long-term debt recorded an increase of 6.1 per cent at end-December 2014 over the period at end-March 2014 due to rise in commercial borrowings and NRI deposits. Commercial borrowings and NRI deposits taken together accounted for 60.8 per cent of total external debt (long-term and short-term) at end-December 2014 as against 56.8 per cent at end-March 2014. Other components of long-term external debt, however witnessed decline at end-December 2014 over end-March 2014 level. Short-term debt at end-December 2014 witnessed decline over end-March 2014 level due to debt component of FII flows and trade related credit. Short-term debt declined by 6.7 per cent to US$ 85.6 billion at end-December 2014 over the end-March 2014 level. The share of short-term in total external debt was 18.5 per cent at the end of December 2014, vis-a-vis 20.5 per cent at end-March 2014. It means UPA government reduced short term loan but As on 2016 India’s World Bank Loan was $36,348,018/- Oil Pool Account – It is the account into which all revenues earned by the public sector oil companies are deposited and expenditures like subsidies are charged. As part of the dismantling of the APM, the oil pool account has been terminated in 2002. The Government issued bonds in 2002 aggregating Rs 9,000 crore to the state-owned oil companies to liquidate a substantial part of their dues in the oil pool account. Advances Total Gross Advances as on 2013 by Banks were Rs 5371151/- ( In Crores) out of which 183,854/-( In Crores) was NPA. During third phase of growth of UPA government of Dr.Manmohan Singh 2009 to 2012: During this period, growth in credit as well as NPAs slowed down in 2010. However, by end-March 2012, there was a sharp contrast in the movement of both, with credit growth witnessing a sharp […]

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