What is Real Estate Legal Services?

All legal matters related to property, from everyday transactions to disputes are covered in Real Estate Legal Services

Real Estate Legal Services Provided by Shruti Desai & Co.:

  • Plans Validity of Structures
  • Municipal Laws
  • Municipal Taxation
  • FSI Violations Appeal Under Section 37 of MRTP
  • Opinions/Consultation on all issues relating thereto

Shruti Desai’s distinction in Real Estate Legal Services:

Shruti has successfully handled several property cases. She has written nearly 20 titles on subjects of Real Estate laws. She was the first one to write commentary on Development Control Regulations for Greater Mumbai,1991. She has also written books on Municipal Laws, Maharashtra Regional Town Planning, Maharashtra Housing and Area Development, Slum Rehabilitation, DCR 2034. And has authored multiple books on Stamp Duty, Court Fees, Right to Information, Local Body Tax. Shruti also has the distinction of publishing a book herself on Real Estate Development Regulation Act, 2016 and also takes up matters before RERA Authority.