Legal Services


General Legal Services Provided by Shruti Desai & Co.:

  • Experienced and highly regarded legal opinion and consultation on matters of Octroi
    • Challenging Notice of Lease Charges on telephone underground wires
    • Import of rough Diamonds and its export various Octroi matters on twisting and turning of yarn
    • Assembling of Helicopters Import of Aircraft & levy of Octroi
    • Valuation of Goods for Octroi when sold in concession/sale Diamond Powder & Rate of Octroi
    • On LBT and various several other corporate clients
    • About The Bombay Stamp Act, 1958
  • Exceptional Arbitration :
    • One Window system was introduced in Corporation after Shruti’s opinion on Arbitration on Engineering Contract
    • Family Arbitration (The Co. has dealt in cases with over 100 crores worth properties involved)
    • Arbitration on Commercial Contracts
    • Shruti is also an Arbitrator for dispute between MNC & Builders