What is Arbitration and Mediation?

Arbitration may be defined as the process by which a dispute or difference between two or more parties as to their mutual legal rights and liabilities is referred to and determined judicially and with binding effect by the application of law by one or more persons (the arbitral tribunal) instead of by a court of law. Arbitration is only an alternative to litigation and it does not replace the judicial machinery in all aspects, rather it co-exists with it.

Mediation is an alternative method of resolving disputes without resorting to the courts. It is a structured, voluntary and interactive negotiation process where a neutral third-party uses specialized communication and negotiation techniques to help the parties in fulfilling their stated objectives. As a party-centred process, it focuses on the interests, needs and rights of the parties.

Arbitration and Mediation Services Provided by Shruti Desai & Co.:

    Arbitrator in commercial and property matters.
    Commissioner for Recording Evidence
    Counsel in Arbitration
    Commercial Arbitration
    Arbitration of engineering contract
    Property Arbitration
    Family Arbitration
    Mediation referred by Court