Easement Charges levied on client company.

Queries Raised by Shruti Desai & Co.:

  • Whether BMC can charge the Queriest Company Easement charges and if yes, under what section of the BMC Act?
  • Whether there is a constitutional Validity in BMC charging such charges?
  • Whether Queriest Company can challenge it by way of a Writ Petition? Can their authority and basis of charge be challenged?
  • If it is not charged to BSES, BEST and MSEB, why are they charging the Queriest Company when Telephone is also the necessity of today as infrastructure services?
  • Whether the corporation can legally ask this information (ledger details etc) If yes, under which clauses of the Municipal Act?
  • What could be their mode of action if this information is not given i.e. Notice, Police Complaint etc? How do we safeguard ourselves under such situation or its better to provide this information and be safe?
  • Whether Queriest Company should part with the details?

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